Please Stay 6 Feet Away

NPR Tiny Desk entry 2020 – How to send in your track for the next mix!

2020 NPR Tiny Desk entry

And here .. if NPR has not removed it yet:

And here to share Facebook link:

Experimenting with ideas for online music collaboration – I inserted plenty of "placeholders so until we can get…

Posted by Eric Miller on Sunday, April 19, 2020
Please Stay Six Feet Away – Facebook Link

We will be posting the music minus 1 tracks soon. If you can’t wait to send in your track for the next remix, just sing along with the chorus while recording a high quality WAV file and be sure you are listening through headphones (not on speakers) when recording. Then upload your wav file to google drive and share the link with us through our contact form. We’re hoping to add you soon to the next mixdown! It’s too late to add musicians for the NPR contest, however, we will list contributing artists here as well as future mixed versions.

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