“Dr. Eric Miller eric_book_oceanhas done an outstanding job of synthesizing the fields of biofeedback, physiology and other biomedical techniques as they relate to music therapy, and provides an excellent model for integrating these into clinical practice for such issues as ADHD, addictions and pain.” —Concetta M. Tomaino, DA, MT-BC, LCAT, Executive Director/Co-Founder, Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, and Senior Vice President, Music Therapy Services, Beth Abraham Family of Health Services, New York, USA

“I warmly recommend this book not only to professionals but also to those interested in discovering the ultimate frontiers of research in music and medicine.” —Dr. Alexander J. Graur, PhD, MT-BC, President, Medicamus Italiana Torino, Italy

“In this century of science and music, music therapists are moving toward in-depth understanding of music’s impact on physiologic function. Dr. Miller’s brilliant and carefully researched book is most timely! Through astute and clear descriptions of state-of-the-art research and clinical work with sample cases, Dr. Miller explains how biofeedback techniques, combined with targeted music-therapy interventions, can result in physiological, psychological and cognitive rehabilitation. The information provides insight into how neurologic feedback training incorporating music-therapy approaches can attain positive adaptations in a variety of diagnosed individuals. This book is an important contribution to the field.” —Dr. Dorita S. Berger, PhD, MT-BC, LCAT, clinician and author of Music Therapy, Sensory Integration and the Autistic Child and The Music Effect, Connecticut, USA

“Dr. Eric B. Miller is a pioneer in the documented core of music’s role in wellness. Bio-Guided Music Therapy provides students, practitioners and musicians important insight into the energetic power of sound, harmony and music making.” —Don Campbell, author of Healing at the Speed of Sound and The Mozart Effect, Virginia, USA

Eric Miller, Ph.D. MT-BC.  Dr. Eric Miller, biofeedback therapist and board-certified music therapist is author of Bio-guided Music Therapy (2011) Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Dr. Miller hails as the culminating director of the music therapy program at the University of North Dakota, and was the inaugural director of the David Ott Lab for Music and Health at Montclair State University.  He served as adjunct faculty at Immaculata University, Montclair University, and has lectured at the Duke University, the Naropa Institute, University of Bangalore,  and Bryn Mawr College among other institutions. International presentations include sessions at the World Music Therapy Congress in Seoul, S. Korea, Hsien Chuan University in Tapei, Taiwan, and workshops in Kiental, Switzerland, Cogolin, France and Torino, Italy. Dr. Miller serves as Executive Director of nonprofits Music for People, Expressive Therapy Concepts and he founded the Biofeedback Network.  Eric served as Executive Director of Music for People from 1997-2014. Eric is credited with development of the MfP Europe program, the community service initiative and on-site digital recording and CD operations. In his spare time, Eric chairs the Pennsylvania Badminton Association. He has reached the finals in the PA State Badminton Championships, has been nationally ranked in the United States as high as no. 12 in doubles, and coached the Bryn Mawr College varsity Badminton team. Eric collaborated with Grammy winning cellist, David Darling on the instrumental CD, Jazzgrass. A video of Dr. Miller’s 2012 Bangalore University Keynote address may be  viewed at:  https://bioguidedmusictherapy.com/bangalore-univ-keynote-2012/  Other clips maybe seen at: http://biofeedback.net/videos/ Dr. Miller can be reached at miller@biofeedback.net

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