This presentation reviews fundamental concepts of Bio-guided Music Therapy (Miller, 2011, Jessica Kingsley Publishers of London). The session provides the music therapy practitioner with a rationale, historical context and overview for utilizing real-time physiological data driven music therapy. Interventions are outlined for various purposes and populations. Some of the target complaints discussed include, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, Raynaud’s disease, neuromuscular deficiencies, ADHD, Autism, depression, phobias, and addictions. In the workshop format, the session delivers a live demo in creating musical environments based on real-time physiological output of muscle tension, heart-rate, skin conductance and EEG brainwaves.

Dr. Miller has presented on Bio-guided music therapy at

  • July 2011: World Congress Music Therapy Conference – Seoul South Korea
  • July 2011: Taipei, Taiwan – Hsien Chuan Univ
  • Mar 2012: CMTE course at Southeast Region of AMTA conference, Charlotte, NC
  • April 2013: Vimhans Hospital, New Delhi, India
  • April 2012:  Keynote address at Music & MH Conf, Univ of Bangalore, India
  • Sept 2012:  Marywood University, Scranton, PA
  • Sept 2012: University of Georgia, Athens, GA
  • March 2013: Montclair State Univ, Montclair, NJ
  • April 2013: MAR Conference, Scranton, PA
  • April 2013: Slippery Rock University, PA
  • Sept. 2013: Berklee College of Music, MA
  • Oct. 2013: Omega inst. Rhinebeck, NY
  • Nov 2013: CMTE course at AMTA National Conference, Jacksonville, FL
  • Jan 2014: The Graduate Institute, Bethany, CT
  • July 2014: World Congress of Music Therapy, Krems, Austria
  • October 2014: Vista Woods, Delhi, India
  • October 2014: Medanta Hosptal, Delhi, India
  • November 2014: Bangalore University, Bangalore, India
  • November 2014: AMTA National Conference, Louisville, KY
  • January 2015: Immaculata University, Immaculata, PA
  • May 2015: Immaculata University, Immaculata, PA
  • August 2015: Marylhurst University,Marylhurst, OR
  • Dec 2018: MTAND Meeting, Fargo, ND
  • Feb & Nov 2019: Duke University, NC
  • Nov 2019: 5hr CMTE at AMTA national conference, Minneapolis, MN
  • Feb 2020: UGA, Athens, GA

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